Here’s a small selection of work I’ve done, written in third person.

TeenTech awards 2016

TeenTech helps young people understand the opportunities in the science, technology and engineering, regardless of their background. 

Stevie had the pleasure of being the lead judge and presenter of the TeenTech Teacher of the Year award. A prestigious prize, well deserved to Natalie as the 2016 winner.

More can be read about the award and mission of TeenTech on their website.  


The Royal Society Partnership Grants Conference 2017

The Royal Society is the UK's national academy of science, and in 2017 they held a conference to celebrate and share school science projects funded by the Partnership Grants scheme.

As conference host, Stevie emceed the event and shared the stage with some jaw-dropping names of science, including Nobel Prize winning chemist Venki Ramakrishnan and physicist Lucy Green.

More can be read about the Royal Society on their website.

R.Science Podcast

The R.Science podcast was a monthly release created by the Royal Society to share the story and personalities of the researchers behind the latest scientific advances.

Stevie was a regular editor and presenter of R.Science and, although the podcast is no longer running, the excerpt demonstrates Stevie's podcasting style. 

Past episodes of R.Science can be read about on iTunes (although not heard).