My first website (why I do this shit)

Just going to put this here: It’s my first website…

At the beginning of 2012 I’d been a master of physics for six months and unemployed for six months. What came next was a big stinking vendetta. This is a teeny tiny story about my first website and why I do what I do.

The Muon Academy

Bitter at the thought of having spent thousands of pounds to get a physics degree, I decided to make a website. Here’s why (I like to think it’s a little sinister, but you decide):

To give people the education I got for free and take-down the education system.

Ok, maybe taking down the education system wasn’t in the original plan, but I was pretty pissed with the education system at that point. Originally I called the website the MMXI Academy, but then renamed it the Muon Academy because I felt like it should have a science thing in the name. All it did was collate links to places online you could learn from for free. I made a logo and t-shirts, and even had a custom favicon.

The blog didn’t get much traffic, but I felt like it was the beginning of the end of the world, or something like that. It was a pretty shit website in hindsight, but had good idea.

The best picture I ever took for that website. What. a. metaphor.

The best picture I ever took for that website. What. a. metaphor.


Selling out

A few years later I rejoined university to do a PhD. It was shit. I was miserable. The website dwindled. I quit the PhD.

It was all over.

However, the Muon Academy was hosted on Google’s blogspot where it continues to live. Look, mum, here it is:

This blog post

The point of this blog post is to save that link to the Muon Academy. There’s actually some links on that old blog which may come in useful one day. Right now I might even use the blog post I did on there about the Feynman lectures.

Anyway, after I quit that blog I did start a new website a year or so later and called it Science Unnamed. Science Unnamed was a cracker, but I got skint and had to let the website expire. Bloody sucks that, if you ask me, but we’re here now :D

By the way, it wasn’t really a vendetta. It was actually just a strive for equality in education which is what I’m doing now.



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