Going self-employed and getting a UTR

Oh maaaaa god. It’s finally happened. I registered as a sole trader under the name of StevieSteven. I am a committed educator and science creative.

Why I didn’t do this earlier, I don’t know, it’s actually very easy so let’s talk about getting this thing called a unique taxpayer reference number (UTR).

Registering as a sole-trader/self-employed

There isn’t a set first step for becoming a sole-trader (same meaning as self-employed), but for me I had to register on the Government website to get my UTR to send to a company for some work. In your situation you may decide to start with your business plan (I currently don’t have one) or by doing some work (that’s understandable), but you will need a UTR at some point so here’s how to get it.

The UTR is used to let the Government know about your tax contribution, which we all need to do. So all we need to do is go to the Government website and register to file your self assessment tax return. On that page you click on register online, under the if you have not sent a return before. Then you’ll need to input a few things like your national insurance number, a trading name and contact details including your address.

After that you’ll get a confirmation email and ten day later, your UTR in the post. Keep that number safe. Don’t lose the letter under your stupid cat like I did.

After that, get the UTR on your invoices and you’re buzzing for business.

Follow the rise to power

To celebrate becoming a sole trader I made my very first vlog on a brand new StevieSteven channel. Those vlogs will continue, sharing a StevieSteven perspective on business ideas and insights, everyday science and education, and being a creative twat.

Here’s the first vlog :)

Stevie Steven