Unplanned b-roll in a nature reserve

It started on a Sunday with a simple plan that got ditched for sponteneity.

Plan: Go home, watch Hamilton blitz Silverstone and regain the F1 championship. 

Reality: Chilling in a waterfall filming a b-roll segment.

The nature was in the form of a nature reserve near Little Beck, North Yorkshire. It has woodland and a waterfall called Falling Foss. Pretty scenic.

Nostalgia (a digression)

Before we get to the b-roll segment, we're going to have to digress a little. Whilst wandering in the woodland, some strong memories of being in the area came flooding back. Some were not so good like relationship problems and a family bereavement, and then some were really good like me and our Chaps journeying through the reserve in 2016 (this is relevant). 

Since there's a really nice route through the nature reserve (managed by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust), it's quite a popular walk and is actually part of Wainwright's 192 mile Coast to Coast. It's an outstanding journey, the Coast to Coast, which took us 12 days to complete. The last day took us through Little Beck, with a quick stop for coffee and cake in the cafe near Falling Foss, before making the final five mile stretch up and over the moorland. That entire journey is something I dream to make into a video series one day, with segments like this b-roll one you're about to see. I reckon it would make a good series...

Probably get it on Netflix

Probably get it on Netflix


B-Roll (Finally)

Whilst revisiting the same cafe on Sunday, that was when I decided to film a few bits for this b-roll segment. The bridge part has some especially nice lighting on it.  


I'm happy with the result of the b-roll. The F1, however, not so much. 


Stevie Steven