The Beeb, this is me in 60 seconds

The Beeb (BBC) like to occasionally do this thing where they invite applications from absolutely anyone to be a new presenter. They want someone who'll bring a new and different perspective to the beeb, as demonstrated in a 60 second video application. Sounds simple. Sounds right up my street. 

That 60 seconds though...

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 21.44.04.png

Anything you can present…

I usually go with the attitude of the TV being full of squares, with all presenters being different angles of the same personality. It’s an opinion that I think is totally justified. I live in the North after all and how many peasantry Northern presenters are there?

So I planned to make a sick video explaining the tide and where it comes from, showing off a new personality. One to rival that dire (yet interesting) explanation Nick Crane gave in an episode of Coast. Here was the plan:

  • Stand in the sea saying "What causes this?" with cut scene for each word
  • Sick drone footage whilst explaining
  • Explanation of the effect of the moon (and the Sun)
  • Explanation of how there are different levels of tide within the UK
  • Demonstration of the above point, with sick editing to show two Stevie’s racing
  • Final play in the sea, maybe with a sand castle

I can present better

Wait, remember it was only meant to be 60 seconds? That plan isn’t really a 60 second plan. Guess I’ll just edit down to a really simple explanation and submit that.

Not much of my angle in there...

Creativity's a bitch, right?





Stevie Steven