The mobile studio in a tiny van

It’s looks like an upside down boat, they say. I say it’s a mobile studio and the Trojan Horse in the education revolution. I’m talking about the new mobile studio in the tiny van with outside whiteboard and teaching space. 

You see, this van is white on the outside and it kind of looks like a whiteboard... We can use that whiteboard. A few months back I made video lesson where I was teaching physics in a small room on a chalkboard. It wasn’t that great and after months of reflection, I’ve decided that we’re taking those lessons outside and on the side of the van. It’s well clever isn’t it? 

Whilst doing the work on the van, I filmed a few bits and pieced them together into a little story. I never intended to publish any of what I filmed, but it ended up being really fun to film and includes some gorgeous scenery and amusing ditties. So it ended up being like a vlog. So I published it on the YouTube as a vlog. Just because I can. Any of us can. 

The video also includes a little section on cycling in Yorkshire, as a slice of the Stevie’s chronicles. 

The lessons will continue.  

Stevie Steven