Making the mundane … a reflection

The third vlog went out and I was … really happy with it. Like, surprisingly happy. I did do a few things differently so it’s clearly all because of those ingenious insights. Right?

Ok, first I want to acknowledge that nothing particular happens in the vlog. There’s no “YOU WON’T BELIEVE…” or anything like that, yet it’s nice:

It’s calming.

It’s intriguing.

It’s got good flow.

It’s right below, please watch it.

Then we can say about what was different. Cheers.

What was different

Saying that you’re surprisingly happy with your own work may sound a little negative, but all of us can easily slip into holes of picking your own work apart. It’s when self-critique borders pessimistically picky.

However, I wasn’t picky with this one and I still find that amazing. And I put that down to doing a few things differently:

  • It’s all shot outside and I like being outside. We should all live outside. That barn bit is really good because it’s different and visually stimulating, also…

  • My jacket and hair look bangarang. Not filmed with that jacket on before. Or that hat.

  • There were three montages. THREE. I’ve never done that many in one edit. I don’t think it’s a case of more is better, but more that they were part of the story of the vlog, rather than for the sake of it – there was an actual story behind it.

  • The music on each montage was from the YouTube audio library, which turns out to have some good music, easily found and license free!

  • The two speech audio was cracking. It was inspired by Linkin Park’s Wisdom, Justice, And Love.

  • I actually made a plan of what to say in the vloggy pieces to camera and so was able to do it in the five minutes I had spare before needing to disappear and watch a physics talk. (It was a good talk in the end too.)

What made it enjoyable

Maybe it was the location, the editing, or the actual content, I don’t know. But something got me good on that one.

Sure, there are definitely bits I didn’t like. For example, the lighting was inconsistent since it was dusssssk, I slouched a bit, the audio was a bit peaky at some points. But they’re all minor details in a shite video that turned out enjoyable and it leads into the next video (hopefully).

Also I said non-vlog video a lot.


Stevie Steven